Resilient Powell River

Figure out today. Plan for tomorrow.

The City of Powell River, First Credit Union, and Powell River Community Futures are pleased to bring Resilient Powell River, an online business resiliency course, to business owners in the qathet Regional District. The course is created by Spring Activator and locally managed by Coastline Colab, and is now open for signups.

Who can benefit? Everyone.

It's February 2020, and things are going well for you, whether you're a new entrepreneur or an established business owner. And then COVID-19 hits. All your plans and previous experience are out the window. If you knew what your next steps should be you'd take them, and you want to figure out how you can make some progress in this new world.

No matter where you are in your business journey, this course helps you evaluate your current situation and gives you tangible tools to help plan for the future through simple and achievable steps to move forward in your business and life.

We cannot control what is happening in the world but we can make our businesses even stronger.

What will I learn?

This course has been created to take an entrepreneur through the process of assessing their current business, identifying the new normal, creating a plan to survive, and then running this plan successfully. It is entirely self-paced, so you can do as much or as little at one time as you can - the important part is to continue working through the modules to get a realistic and tangible plan for the future in place.

The course provides you with clear tasks that map out the basic business principles needed right now, and includes relevant business case studies as examples of how the principles apply in the real world. Most lessons have a worksheet that leads you through each step of the process to implement what you learn immediately in your business. At the end of every module there is a Resource Guide that includes further reading for those that want more information.

You can go through the course lessons in order, or jump around if that serves your needs better. You will also be invited to join Spring's online community, where you can connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs to share best practices and get advice and help. You will also be invited to a phone call every two weeks, where the Spring team and community members will talk in person about what's going on right now.

Build Back Better Challenge - Win $10,000

Resilient Powell River has partnered with Spring, a global incubator and accelerator that empowers entrepreneurs and entrepreneur ecosystem organizations, to launch the Build Back Better Challenge, a newly-established $10,000 grant fund to help entrepreneurs and business owners in various communities across British Columbia to invest in growth initiatives.

The challenge is designed to equip businesses with new skills to thrive through the completion of a free online learning Business Resilience Program. Small businesses in British Columbia make up the majority of our province's businesses, and with 3.5 million entrepreneurs nationally, they play a pivotal role in re-stabilizing the economy as we recover from this pandemic and future downturns.

Entrepreneurs need help to survive and thrive during this challenging recovery period, and donors, funders, and communities are looking for a way to provide support for those businesses. This is your opportunity to speed up your game and get the support you need through the different masterclasses on the Business Resilience Program while creating a business plan to get a chance to win a $10,000 prize.

To be part of the Build Back Better Challenge you just need to follow these steps:

1. Join the Business Resilience Program and get the help you need.

2. Create a business plan to grow, that address at least one UN Sustainable Development Goals 

3. Submit your plan for a chance to win our $10,000 award.


The deadline to enroll is December 30th, 2020 and the deadline to submit your business plan is January 15th, 2021. Good Luck and we look forward to seeing your growth plan soon!

Yes, I want to sign up!

Great! Resilient Powell River is open for sign-ups now. Simply click here to sign up at Spring. You'll need to validate with your postal code (First Credit Union members outside of the qathet Regional District, please use the postal code provided by First Credit Union), and then you'll be ready to go!

Want to know more?

Email Jessie MacDonald, Program Coordinator at the Coastline Colab for more information at [email protected]