To make an impact in the world and in the future we want to build, we need to work together, help each other, and become a team. That’s what our Business Resilience Program is all about.

Through this Program, we're working to contribute to economies that are able to thrive in the face of adversity and also take steps towards making our shared planet a better home.

By providing a FREE education platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs, we support the recovery of the Economy in the Country.

Within the program, you can find different content that will meet your specific needs. In this platform you can learn how to Cut your expenses, Digital Marketing, How to take your business Online, Fundraising and more.

Start today and build back better.

Current Courses in the program (Every week we upload the last Live Q&A as a Masterclass)
  • 4 Essential tools to start online marketing explained: Facebook Ads, Google
  • Ads, Google Analytics and SEO.
  • Sales, marketing and managing online growth (Q&A Webinar).
  • Key factors for crowdfunding success (Q&A Webinar).
  • Digital Marketing: the What, Why and How Masterclass (Q&A Webinar).
  • E-commerce Made Easy (Q&A Webinar).
  • Leading through tough times.
  • Effective ways to ask for help (and get it!).
  • Customer Interviews: Dos and Don'ts.
  • How to cut down expenses.
  • 7 ways to fund your business.
  • Team restructuring best practices.
  • Show me the money - Finance Tune Up to Plan for Growth.
  • Fundraising in 2020: Options, Alternatives and a guide to success! (Q&A
  • Webinar).
  • COVID 19 - Impacts and opportunities for businesses.
  • Online Marketing 101.
  • Proven Strategies to Grow Sales.
  • Build an active community to increase customer loyalty.
  • Implementing product changes to unlock growth.
  • Offline to Online: Creating a winning website and tactics to get traffic (Q&A
  • Webinar).
  • SEO - How to show up on google search? (Q&A Webinar).
  • Strengthen your business by managing carbon emissions.
  • Retail Strategies- Stock, Sales Channels, and Planning for Christmas! (Q&A
  • Webinar).