Our Member Agreement

The Coastline Colab member agreement has been finalized! You can download it here, or read on to find out how we’ll be building a community of co-workers in Powell River.

Coastline Colab Member Agreement

Coastline Colab is a Community Space

The members and participants of Coastline Colab, located at Suite 202 – 4801 Joyce Avenue, are a gathering of people in a community space who are paving a new way of working together with a focus on creativity, participation, and connection.

In this space, respect is the focus: respect for others, for guests, and for the space itself. To facilitate a well-balanced environment, here are some essentials we ask of everyone:

  • Be helpful. When you are done with the space, leave it as you found it or better.
  • Be creative. Organize an event, bring a plant from home, or do other things to make the space feel like home (please check with Coastline staff about your project). 
  • Be tidy. Clean up after yourself (including your dishes and recycling).
  • Be mindful. Take social chatting to the kitchen and lounge area and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea to avoid over-engagement in the workspace.
  • Be true. Kindly let other members or Coastline Staff know if they are being too loud for too long.
  • Be mindful. Respect other members’ privacy, confidentiality, property, and data just as you would expect they would do for you.
Taking care of your needs

Use of Services and Space

All memberships include a productive, enjoyable space to work with fiber optic internet, desks, power, tea and coffee, lounge, kitchenette, and access to the meeting room.

Access and Security

Access to Coastline Colab varies by Membership Plan (see below) and is controlled by an electronic door access system.

Members will be assigned a unique digital code to gain access to the space, which will be locked except for events, when the door will be monitored by staff. For after-hours access to the Library building, members can request a fob, which will be individually assigned on behalf of the City of Powell River. All members should only use their own fob or door access code to enter and not just follow another member in.

Never let anyone into the space that you are not willing to be personally responsible for.


Our space is perfect for bringing in clients or outside collaborators for meetings. Meetings should be contained to the meeting room so as not to disturb other members. Quiet casual meetings may also take place in the lounge area providing they do not disturb other members. Guests may not occupy a desk station unless they have purchased a membership but are welcome to use the lounge space for a trial work-session.

While there are COVID-19-related health ministry directives in force, there will be no more than two additional guests allowed in the lounge space to ensure appropriate social distancing.

Inclusivity and Safe Harbour

Part of our mission as a creative community hub is to foster a positive, inclusive and safe environment for all members and their guests. Members or guests who do not demonstrate respect and courtesy for others or behave in a manner that is destructive to the space or the community within it will be asked to leave. If anyone in the space makes you feel uncomfortable, please bring it to our attention immediately and we will address the situation.

Meeting Room 

Use of the meeting room must be booked in advance, in the on-line calendar or by emailing admin@coastlinecolab.ca to book. Each membership plan (except for day passes) includes a specific number of meeting room hours per month. Additional hours are charged at the posted rate for your plan. Community members do not receive any “included” hours and are required to pay for all meeting room time.

Members may connect their laptops to the monitor via the available HDMI cable or by using an available AppleTV. As with the rest of the space, please leave the meeting room clean and tidy, ready for the next member to use.

While there are COVID-19-related health ministry directives in force, Permanent Desk members may use the meeting room at their discretion when available on a first come first serve basis for up to an hour and a half at a time. If you need to ensure availability, please reserve and pay (if required) through the calendar or by emailing admin@coastlinecolab.ca. Please wipe surfaces after each use.

COVID-19 and Healthy Space

In an effort to keep Coastline Colab a healthy place for everyone to work, we ask that you refrain from coming into the space if you are feeling sick or have a fever or cough. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please let us know immediately so that we can begin proper cleaning measures and contact tracing.

While there are COVID-19 related health ministry directives in force, fewer membership levels will be available and extra cleaning measures are in place. Please see our Blog post for more details

Phones and Phone Calls

Coastline Colab does not provide telephone lines, although members may use their own cell phones in the space. Please use the meeting room (if available), kitchen (if not in use by others), or step outside for longer calls so as not to disturb others. Short and non-intrusive calls that are quiet in nature may be had in the common space, but please accept if you are asked by fellow members to take your call elsewhere.


Printing is shared and costs $0.20 per black and white page. Payment is on an honor system. Please leave your payment in the money box next to the printer. You can do so per printing job, weekly or monthly; it is up to you. Your payments go towards the purchase of new cartridges. We will purchase a new ink cartridge once there is enough money in the money box to do so. Please inform Coastline Colab staff when the ink is running low.

Internet and WiFi 

Be responsible and respectful with your internet usage. No bit-torrent or illegal online activities are permitted by members or their guests. The WiFi password will be posted and will change on a regular basis.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Coastline Colab manages general housekeeping and cleaning. Please remember that you share the space with others. Don’t leave your garbage lying around, clean up after yourself and your guests, don’t leave dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink, and leave any space you use tidy when you leave them, ready for the next member to enjoy.

All Hot Desk Members (Colab 5, 10, and Community) are asked to completely clear their workstation at the end of every day. Any items left behind will be at risk of being disposed of by cleaning staff.

If you notice any problems with plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, roof, flooding, equipment, furniture, WiFi, network, etc., please bring them to the attention of Coastline Colab staff immediately.

Last one out? Close up shop.

  • Turn off all the lights in areas where other people aren’t working.
  • Make sure the AppleTV, Bose Speakers and other electronic equipment are turned off and stored away in the cubby in the storage room.
  • Upon leaving the space, ensure the keyless entry on the main door has locked properly. 
  • Make sure all bathroom keys are back in their spot.


Coastline Colab members and guests are not permitted to bring their bikes into the building. Please secure your bike outside using an available bike rack.


We’ve invested considerably in eco-friendly materials and high-efficiency systems to lighten our environmental footprint. Help us keep our ongoing impact to a minimum with a few simple things:

  • Last one out, please turn off the main space lights.
  • Minimize waste: Recycle using the bins located in the kitchen. At this time, please take your organics compost home. Do not place any food waste in the garbage or recycling bins. Please rinse any recycling items that have food on them before placing them in the recycling bin to minimize odours and mess.

Membership Payments

Members are automatically invoiced monthly based on their membership option. Any variable charges, such as extra meeting room usage that may have been incurred during the previous period, will also be included on the monthly invoice.

Your membership is not transferable. Anyone working in the space must have an active paid membership in their name. A Permanent Desk membership may be shared between two members on a case by case basis. Please contact Coastline Colab staff.

Membership fees are due on the first day of each month.

Memberships Coworking Days per MonthMeeting Room Hours per MonthAccessRate
Hot DeskDrop InAs allowed by staffing$20/day
Hot DeskPunch Pass
As allowed by staffing$180/package
Hot DeskColab 5*5M-Sat, 7-9$75/month
Hot DeskColab 10*10M-Sat, 7-9$130/month
Hot DeskColab Unlimited*Unlimited6M-Sat, 7-9$225/month
Permanent Desk**Unlimited10M-Sat, 7-9$325/month
Annual Culture Pass$45/year
Community Membership2$30/month
Meeting Room Rental$35/hour
Bulk Meeting Room Hours5M-Sat, 7-9$165/package
Bulk Meeting Room Hours10M-Sat, 7-9$300/package
* Administration Fee + access code for entry
** Damage deposit of $100 + access code for entry
All monthly memberships are eligible for one hold, of the duration of choice, per year.
Annual Culture Pass is required for purchase of a Community Membership or Bulk Meeting Room Minutes.

New Member Administration Fee

A one-time administrative fee of $50.00 is required for first time members for the Permanent Desk, Colab Unlimited, Colab 5, and Colab 10 memberships. No administrative fees are required for Community Memberships.

Damage Deposit

Permanent Desk members pay a one-time damage deposit of $100. The damage deposit is retained for damages that exceed normal office wear and tear including, but not limited to: cleaning fee for any space left in a mess ($50); holes larger than push-pin size that have to be filled and painted on walls/ceiling; broken windows; broken furniture; and damage to flooring.

The damage deposit will be returned to you less any costs incurred to repair or replace damaged property within 30 days following termination of membership. If repair or replacement costs exceed the $100 damage deposit, you agree to reimburse Coastline Colab for all reasonable costs incurred.

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